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I used to be a bona fide special snowflake, I'm so sorry.

we all went through a phase

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This blog is gold

thank you!



A selection of comments from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

A selection of comments from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

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I used to think I was like, so emo and so special. My life went like so….

Other girls- Makeup omg must have jb omg omg omg

Me- MCR  and BotDF are soooo much better! I love CoD soo much!

Now, me in college-

Other girls- omg coursework makeup gaming clean clothes smelling okay ahhh

Me-  omg coursework makeup gaming clean clothes smelling okay ahhh

I hate to tell you, but everyone thinks the same things- you’re not special for wearing eyeliner or high heels. You’ve just gotta enjoy life how it is- you’re not gonna become famous for wearing panda eyeliner or being obsessed with video games.

All of these things may exist in the same girl- I love Legend of Zelda, and I adore Vogue and makeup.

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I just went through the entire blog. Please locate the nearest cliff and throw me off of it.

we can not be held liable for headaches, depression, or losses of faith in humanity

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The one that gets me is the scientist flakes, acting like being a girl who does science at uni is the minority. Umm, more than half of the people in my course are girls (biology), my brother does physics and there are plenty of girls who study it too. It's insulting to the gender as a whole as it implies that the majority of us are too stupid for science. Goddammit flakes, get your shit together

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You totally need more special snowflake guys. 'Nice' guys crack me up, they think that meeting the basic standards for being a decent human being makes them an undesirable prince charming. Don't even get me started on the 'lad' mentality that some guys are starting to get where they think they are the most hilarious and original person ever. One guy on my facebook started hashtagging all his posts as wolfof(street where he lives). Really?

you heard the anon